Fri Jun 07, 2019 · 202 words

Now that the spring semester at my University has concluded, I’ve begun the process of relocating to an apartment near my Uni’s main campus to finish out my bachelors over the next few years. One thing that’s been awfully helpful to me in my process of moving is that I’ve always tried to minimize the number of things I own, which is a topic I might go into more detail on in another post. Compared to some of the nightmares I’ve seen from friends moving, I feel like my personal move is a walk in the park. One of the things I plan on doing when I move is moving my website (and email (and other currently private services)) to a self-hosted setup, or at least connecting my home-server to my VPS for expanded storage capability, which I may use to host a few videos and such (I would rather avoid youtube for any video hosting). Beyond that, I have some plans to write quite a bit more on here, from guides on programming languages/emacs as well as more dialogue-esque ramblings on personal topics of varying importance, whether that be philosophical or ideological opinions, and maybe even some opinions on modern issues.

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